Our Curriculums for Excellence


LDI Living Dance International


Beth Bluett (Miss 'Beth')

Miss Beth is the founder and director of Living Dance International based in Sydney, Australia.  Living Dance came about as a distillation of the world's best training methods; drawing from a rich fusion of the elements of Russian and British ballet technique but predominantly from the French luminary of dance - Rosella Hightower.  Madam Hightower imparted exacting keys to understanding the core and professional dancers from all over the world came to learn these keys in Cannes, France.  It brought about a safer impact on joints and an astounding level of technical virtuoso. Dancers came to 'sense' the 'centreline' of their core so could be on their balance in any given position. So freeing!  LDI teaches students excellent ballet and contemporary dance technique whilst encouraging expression of christian values and modesty.

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GE Generation Edinburgh


Miriam Whitehouse (Miss 'Miriam')

Miss Miriam (U.K.A./B.A./Living Dance International) is the Founder and Director of Generation Edinburgh dance curriculums based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She has been teaching professionally for 13 years and launched Scotland's only Christian dance school called 'Generation Edinburgh' in 2012.  She liased with LDI to write a Christian Tap curriculum which was launched in Australia in 2015. She specialises in Jazz and Tap but has taught a range of dance styles including fitness and has a level 5 in Safe and Effective Dance Practice.  Miss Miriam is married and has three young children.  G.E. incorporates the Christian values of 'Love, Respect and Serve' so that pupils encourage each other and this helps them to see the unique gifts and talents in one another and an understanding of dance technique.  GE Tap & GE Jazz class music and choreography steers away from sensual lyrics and movements instead focusing on positive themes and messages with some music from contemporary Christian artists.