Timetable and Tuition

Agape Weekly timetable Term 1 2021.jpg

Tuition Fees

Beginner Ballet                                                                       $70                                              

Ballet Pre-Primary, Primary, GE Jazz                                  $90                                           

Ballet Grades 1 & 2, Jazz & Contemporary 3 - 6               $120                                            

Tap 1 - 2                                                                                   $140                                          

Tap 3 - 4                                                                                   $165                                        

Grade 3 Ballet (2 classes/week)                                         $220                                       

Grade 4 Ballet (2 classes/week)                                         $235                                         

Grade 5 Ballet (2 classes/week)                                         $300                                           

Grade 6 Ballet (2 classes/week)                                         $300                                          

Adult Ballet                                                                              $140


Conditions of Enrolment

Lessons missed must be paid for except for prolonged illness.  The method for any issues or concerns is to make a time to talk with the principal to discuss it. We wish to help. Students need to show appropriate application, so our school is open to all who wish to learn. Each student and parent is responsible for maintaining a good attitude and behaviour towards others involved in the academy. To maintain harmony, those causing irritation are asked to make peace with those offended.  Fees are averaged over 4 Terms of unequal length.  As much as possible be well groomed for dance. No jewellery, respectful presentation , no underwear showing. It instils respect & good values and it is nice for teachers too! Teaching dance is a 'hands on' experience. To provide adequate tuition it is necessary for dance teachers to guide student movement, which may require physical contact.  Whanau are welcome to wait in the waiting area. There will be an open lesson once each term when students can be viewed during class to observe participation and progress.